Active Dice Games

Pick a theme, then roll a 6-sided die. The number tells you which action to perform.


  1. Fly like a bird
  2. Grow like a flower
  3. Wiggle like a caterpillar
  4. Jump in a puddle
  5. Waddle like a duck
  6. Dance like a bee


  1. Melt like snow
  2. Fall like heavy rain
  3. Float like a cloud
  4. Blow like the wind
  5. Rise like the sun
  6. Arch like a rainbow


  1. Wiggle your bunny tail
  2. Hatch from an egg
  3. Roll over like a puppy
  4. Stretch like a baby
  5. Trot like a foal
  6. Shiver like a fluffy chick


  1. Spin like a helicopter
  2. Pedal a bike
  3. Blast off on a rocket ship
  4. Chug along like a train
  5. Fly like an aeroplane
  6. Row a little boat